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Need to Know More Before You Hire a Contractor?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should a drywall service be able to give me a rough estimate over the phone?

Answer: Only when it is a repair and for the minimum fee of the job. Even though drywall seems like a straight-forward product, each job is actually different. We at Joseph's Drywall and Painting Services in Mckinney, TX always like to see a job first and take measurements, this allows us to give you a fair and accurate price.

Question: Who supplies the materials on most jobs?

Answer: Easy, your drywall installer should do this, however, should they ask you to do it, you should class this as a major red flag and move on to other drywall repair contractors on your list.

Question: Is a deposit usually needed before work starts?

Answer: This varies with each contractor, in addition to the size of the drywall installation or repair job. Some contractors will ask for a deposit at the start of the job but not the full payment upfront, should anyone ask you for this, walk away.

Question: Should the drywall contractor be insured?

Answer: Absolutely, this should be a given. Should they not be, again, we advise you to walk away, because should any injuries occur while on your property, you as the homeowner, are the one that is liable.

Question: Do most drywall contractors do repair work?

Answer: Yes, in addition to drywall repair patch work.

Question: What is the most difficult part of any drywall job?

Answer: Physically, the most demanding part will be hanging drywall. As this is extremely hard work and requires a great deal of patience to install it properly. Taping and mudding also calls for a lot of skill. Sanding needs a great eye too. Not to mention, you need to be physically fit, as some drywall is quite heavy to lift and carry around.

Question: Should I have to pay for an estimate?

Answer: Absolutely not. If you are asked to, again walk away.

Question: Does a drywall installer require a license?

Answer: No not always, as some states do not require a license for drywallers to work. However, you can find out about this by contacting your local building department. If a license is required, then be sure you hire a contractor that has one.

Question: Will the work be done on consecutive days?

Answer: Sometimes yes. It depends on the job in question, when installing drywall and it comes to mudding and taping, there will be a drying off time that is required while the drywall compound dries.

Question: Should a worker be hurt on my property, who is responsible?

Answer: Like mention earlier, you are, unless your drywall contractor has insurance. So make sure you use a licensed, insured, and qualified professional.

Question: Should I ask each contractor to give me a list of references?

Answer: Absolutely, any drywall professional will be only too happy to provide them.

If you have any more questions which this article has failed to cover, before you contact any drywall companies in Mckinney, TX, call us at Joseph's Drywall and Painting Services first today at (469) 210-7316.

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